The Mystery

They think they know her.
She thinks she knows them.
But the truth is nobody truly knows anyone.
Everybody stands as a mystery to someone.
Everybody stands as a mystery to themselves.
Just when you think you have known someone completely, they do something you wouldn’t expect.
And just when you think you have known yourself completely, you do something you never thought you would.
It is like everything on the surface keeps changing but the bottom remains the same.
The bottom that you are nothing but a mystery, remains unchanged.
Unchanged are the riddles and ideas you hold inside, the things you aren’t aware of yourself.
Unchanged are the truth and facts that you hold to yourself.
You think experience makes you this, and just when you think you have been molded enough, another experience begins.
With the uncertainty of life , uncertain are the people.
No one knows what someone or they would do next. Everything seems predictable yet unpredicted.
The quest of discovering one’s self goes on until your grave.
When you lay there completely lifeless , you realize you never thought you could do all this.
Solving this mystery you open a door of another one.
And you thought you knew everything and everyone.

On Your Own

She needed someone to hold her bad. To support her back.
She wasn’t really sad, just had a lot of carrying she did not know about.
And as she turned around..all she found was darkness.
She felt none’s presence but then she blamed the pitch darkness.
Not ready to believe she was all alone, she searched for light.
Roamed around, bumping into things, with scars and bruises did she find the light.
Shinning right on her face, making her feel like she still has hope.
She felt the warmth of someone’s presence and happily did she see who it was.
With heaviness in heart to think she was alone and teary eyes, she smiled as she saw her own shadow.
The truth was right in front but her heart still wished for someone.
Because when the darkness approached even the shadow left her side.

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