It is human nature, to first pay attention on things we don’t want.
Often run from places, people, memories, we don’t want to hold on to anymore.
Questions we don’t wish to answer
And answers we don’t want to know.
It is not wrong to do so.
Why be somewhere you don’t want to be?
Why know stuff that will hurt you?
Protecting yourself is only your job, not anyone else’s.

Where we do go wrong is when amidst this,
Amidst the running from things we don’t want
We forget about the things we do want.
Questions we do want to answer.
And answers we do seek.
When it comes to running from, we don’t overthink
But when it comes to running towards,
we think it over and over again as many times as possible
just to be so sure about it,
as if it is a crime if the thing you want changes
but we do so much
only to end up not doing it
rather finding something new to run from.
Then ask ourselves why we don’t get what we want
Not realizing our mistake.
Change that, start focusing on the bigger picture.

Take a deep breath.
And detour
towards the things you want!

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