A Library Love

i look at you with awe
not just because of your beauty
for this is something deeper
than just the color of your skin
i try to look into your eyes
to see if you sense it too
but you don’t even realize
my presence next to you

going through the shelves
you finally turn to me
without even catching
glimpse of the stars in my eyes
you said: “excuse me” ?
disappointed i shifted aside
giving you way to go far from me
i wanted to look back for just in case
you might have finally noticed
but my heart wished to be stronger today
so i walked farther away
into the library

hidden between huge shelves
and stack of books
i sat on a table not so new
for far too long now
it has been my portal to another world
a parallel reality where you too see me
i sit and open my book
ready to be lost in words of love
when i hear a voice
it’s you
finally looking at me
“can i sit?” you ask
like i would ever deny
over the next few hours
and torn pages of books
we talked not just with words
even through eyes and man did i notice
how you sensed it too
that there was something deeper
connecting us two

cover to cover we read each other
and the stars inside of me started to shoot
but the sun went down
and the day came to an end
when the library bell rang
everyone started to leave
we too stood up reluctantly
and i woke up
smiling at my surreality

7 thoughts on “A Library Love

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  1. Amazing.
    Short, sweet and relatable.
    I could imagine the scene, i could feel the place and emotions.
    Great way to describe.
    Long way to go! Kudos.

    Liked by 1 person

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