either the art over my skin
or my poses can be graceful;
for neither will compliment
the abstract of each other.


i have trust issues.

it’s not you, it’s not him,

it’s not them, it’s me.

i trust easily

… way too easily

Another Chance

he tells me the one i love
is too messed himself,
but in real the one
i would really want to be with
is too worked up to may be
even notice me
and that’s okay. it is better this way,
and i don’t say the one i really love
‘cuz if i didn’t have even a hint
of feelings for him, why would i so
want to be with him?
and i won’t say absolutely in love
because honestly
i am not really sure yet.
what i am sure of is
if he comes and stands
in that room, i will stand there too.
will ease the hurt of my trembling heart,
will calm the over thinking of my mind,
will face my anxiety and walk over it this time.
and i would do it all
not just for him, but for myself too.
not just to give him a chance
but give another one to myself.
for i know it was indeed
one of the warmest and safest feeling,
to be in love and to be cared enough.
and taking that chance away from myself,
won’t help in healing
anything anymore
than it would be in destroying
myself from the inside.

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